Always Sometimes Monsters (EU)

PlayStation 4

Always Sometimes Monsters (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Nothing Left to Lose
Nothing Left to Lose15TrophyTypeFreedom's just another word.
They're Gonna Love You
They're Gonna Love You17TrophyTypeYou're gonna make it if you try.
Alone42TrophyTypeThen again, I always was.
Flowers in Your Hair
Flowers in Your Hair42TrophyTypeSuch a strange vibration.

Least Earned

The Final Curtain
The Final Curtain127TrophyTypeSaw it through without exemption.
Star-Crossed Lovers
Star-Crossed Lovers42TrophyTypeBeneath the milky twilight.
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth42TrophyTypeSay a prayer for the common foot soldier.
Modern Love
Modern Love42TrophyTypeGets me to the church on time.
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