All Zombies Must Die!

PlayStation 3

All Zombies Must Die! Trophies

Most Earned

Kill a zombie
Kill a zombie15TrophyTypeKill a zombie
Watch this!
Watch this!19TrophyTypeUse your first Smart Bomb
Back with the X
Back with the X24TrophyTypeWitness Rachel joining the group
Fists of Fury
Fists of Fury25TrophyTypeKill a mutant with your fists

Least Earned

The Collector
The Collector97TrophyTypeComplete ‘Dev Card Hunt!’
Getting to know each other
Getting to know each other97TrophyTypeComplete all character quests
Touch Base
Touch Base267TrophyTypeComplete ‘Return to the Military Base’
Master Craftsman
Master Craftsman44TrophyTypeFully upgrade a weapon with any status effect
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