Aliens: Colonial Marines

PlayStation 3

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trophies

Most Earned

Coming Outta the Walls!
Coming Outta the Walls!15TrophyTypeKill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling
Field Promotion
Field Promotion15TrophyTypeEarn Rank 2 as a Marine
Eat This!
Eat This!15TrophyTypeKill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range
Another Bug Hunt
Another Bug Hunt16TrophyTypeComplete a Challenge

Least Earned

I’m Happy to Disappoint You
I’m Happy to Disappoint You68TrophyTypeComplete Stasis Interrupted in Ultimate Badass
It's the Only Way to Be Sure
It's the Only Way to Be Sure33TrophyTypeDestroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module
We're Still Collating
We're Still Collating64TrophyTypeFind all Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs
I Don’t Got All Day
I Don’t Got All Day31TrophyTypeSever the umbilical without missing a shot
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