Alien Zombie Megadeath

PlayStation 3

Alien Zombie Megadeath Trophies

Most Earned

Basic Training
Basic Training15TrophyTypeComplete the introduction training level.
My First Spacesuit
My First Spacesuit16TrophyTypeUnlock one of the extra Spacesuits.
Galaxy Explorer
Galaxy Explorer17TrophyTypeUnlock 20 levels.
3 Million Total Score
3 Million Total Score21TrophyTypeGet a combined total score of 3 million on all levels.

Least Earned

All the Medals
All the Medals90TrophyTypeEasy! Collect all the medals.
Universe Explorer
Universe Explorer105TrophyTypeUnlock all the levels.
Wardrobe Complete
Wardrobe Complete88TrophyTypeUnlock all of the extra Spacesuits.
30 Million Total Score
30 Million Total Score84TrophyTypeGet a combined total score of 30 million on all levels.
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