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PS4 Games Now Streaming On PlayStation Now

PlayStation 4 games are now available for streaming on the PS Now service in the US and EU. 20 PS4 titles are available in the US and 51 are available in the EU. Launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall is just one of a diverse group.

Posted 6 years ago by Jon

New Trailer for Akiba's Beat

The trailer not only showcases some new information on the games plot, it also highlights the gameplay, including the party-based battle system.

Posted 7 years ago by Zac Pitchford

Akiba's Beat Introduces Three More Characters

AKIBA'S BEAT publisher Xseed isn't done with character reveal trailers. Three more trailers have been released, unveiling the scythe wielding Kotomi and the axe swinging Yamato.

Posted 7 years ago by Brandon Fusco

Akiba's Beat Asahi Character Trailer

Asahi Tachibana is a "NEET," short for "No Experience, Education, or Training," but, even so, he's got his own trailer today for Akiba's Beat.

Posted 7 years ago by Alex Frost

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