The Adventures of Tintin

PlayStation 3

The Adventures of Tintin Trophies

Most Earned

The flea market
The flea market15TrophyTypeFinish chapter 4!
Marlinspike16TrophyTypeFinish chapter 10!
Football champ
Football champ16TrophyTypeKnock out 2 enemies in a single throw of a ball using a rebound!
Metalhead16TrophyTypeThrow a pot at an enemy's head!

Least Earned

Showered with platinum
Showered with platinum134TrophyTypeFinish all the platinum challenges!
Marlinspike's heir
Marlinspike's heir268TrophyTypeUnlock all the game's trophies!
Pilot gold medal
Pilot gold medal22TrophyTypeGet gold in all three types of PLANE challenges!
Supersonic parrot
Supersonic parrot42TrophyTypeFinish "The mystery of the talking bird" in less than 3 minutes 30 seconds!
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