Active Soccer 2 DX (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Active Soccer 2 DX (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Fair play!
Fair play!15TrophyTypeDo not commit fouls in a match
Hat trick!
Hat trick!15TrophyTypeScore at least 3 goals in a match
Kick Off!
Kick Off!15TrophyTypePlay first match
The manager
The manager15TrophyTypeStart a career

Least Earned

Top scorer
Top scorer30TrophyTypeScore at least 100 goals!
The champion
The champion90TrophyTypeWin a trophy in career mode
Show time
Show time30TrophyTypeScore one overhead kick goal
Active Soccer 2 DX Master
Active Soccer 2 DX Master30TrophyTypeWin at least 50 match!
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