Active Soccer 2 DX (EU) Reviews

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    01 Jun 2018 25 Dec 2019
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    How is Active Soccer 2 DX (EU)? Is it the new Sensible World Of Soccer? Want to know if is fun or not?

    This is a 90's styled football game very much like Kick-Off and Sensible World Of Soccer (Walkthrough SWOS) where arcade is king and simulation was kept aside. This is played in a vertical, isometric, sideways manner bringing the simplicity of the 90's sports games had. There are a few modes to chose, be it a simple exhibition match or career mode.

    Active Soccer 2 DX provides a complete career mode, implementing many international leagues, cups and championships. Imagine being the manager of a 5th division English team - you have a budget and your goal is to be promoted to higher divisions, by purchasing players, creating tactics, managing the team and playing real matches.
    You want to edit the entire game? Simply not worth it!You want to edit the entire game? Simply not worth it!
    While there are no official licenses, the game does provide a simplistic edit mode that allows you to edit your team, even permitting mixing and matching your kits. With a plethora of teams and leagues, the amount of time it would take to edit the entire game is simply not worth it.
    Active soccer 2 DX can be fun for nostalgia sake, but this nostalgia could use some fine tuning.

    The game-breaking bugs and flaws and despicable menu system which will at times infuriate you as it is overly sensitive to the controller inputs and complete absense of online modes are unforgivable.
    There are several methods to earn all 10 trophies. Many will unlock in a single match, while others require a little skill i.e. score a goal with a overhead kick; it takes some timing, but nothing impossible.
    For the overhead kick related trophy I can only suggest that you familiarize yourself with the game and you find that it'll come naturally. Try to cross from outside of the goalie box to a teammate with the cn_O button. If a player is nearby and in the correct position, hit the button cn_S to score and you unlock this trophy.
    Active Soccer 2 DX (EU)Show timeThe Show time trophy in Active Soccer 2 DX (EU) worth 47 pointsScore one overhead kick goal

    The remaining trophies should be earned without any problems.