Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Reviews

  • TheRazgrizDragonTheRazgrizDragon74,515
    19 Feb 2019
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    I have very few nitpicks for this game at all, and many are rank related to certain characters. This is still in my and many other Ace Combat fans opinions the best this old and long run series has to offer. There are other great games in the series, especially Ace Combat 4, 6, 7, and Zero, but there has always been something special about 5 that's a cut above the rest. For PS2 game it had great graphics and way about it. It was fun, simple, enjoyable to play, and has a great music soundtrack. The soundtrack being one of the top 20 of any video game to this day. Though the PS4 version did very little graphic update, it's still the the game I loved since I first played it. This game will challenge you, and even veteran players like me can still get shot down if we make a mistake. The game had many difficulties for all players and arcade count for kills and destruction you always want to improve on. The thing about this is that for a fighter pilot game, it has and still has one of the best war stories I've ever seen in a video game. Characters you love, and a moral points of peace, war, and life and what camaraderie is all about, plus a little good matured comedy thrown in here and there. The story is incredible and I've never seen any video game critic, YouTuber, or really anyone talk about just how good this game was. It came out late on the golden age of PS2 games. Outside of Ace Combat fans, it's largely unknown. If you want a game that will challenge you today like it did in 2005, a rich story, and some fun combat, all you need to do is play this game and get too the end. Once you beat this game, reflect on the story and game play, and then ask yourself what you think? Despite all the games I've played, and RPGs, and fantastic games out there in general. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War is still my favorite video game of all time and one that I always keep close to my gamer heart!