Access Denied (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed169,336
    08 May 2019
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    I've really struggled to find a decent puzzler in the passed few months, not many challenge you anymore and seem to rather unfortunately be designed to give you an easy platinum. Whilst the latter is slightly true about Access Denied, it does try to throw a few spanners in the works.

    It has a few puzzles that take a while to figure out and play around with before you realise how it's supposed to work. For example, there's a puzzle that took me a little bit to understand with symbols, Arrows guide you around the cube showing you the way to the next clue, before eventually getting to the solid symbol. Although, it is still rather simplistic in its design, it does try to frustrate you at times and get your mind working and other times just tries to plain baffle you conpletely.

    Particularly good is the mid section, the harder puzzles to figure out are in the section, but aren't too hard to figure out once you understand the pattern.

    The downside is, this is still rather short. I did complete it rather quickly and the platinum itself is simple to gain, as they are really basic actions that you'll end up doing in natural gameplay. It's gameplay is easy to figure out, R1 and L1 spin the puzzles around, the right stick moves it on its axis, so you can look at puzzles top down and X is your interaction button. Having basic controls is a real plus point to Access Denied a fair few puzzlers are always experimenting with controls and it often backfires as you can get more fristrated with the interface, rather than the game itself.

    It's a great game if you like puzzlers, to be honest, it isn't a world beater and is unlikely to make you say it's one of the greatest puzzlers of all time, but it's fun and has a few challenging curve balls. For those who love trophy hunting, it's a perfect 30mins - 1hour completion time.

    Not bad for a cheap game to pick up as a time killer.