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    21 Mar 2014 24 Mar 2014
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    Aabs Animals, there is very little we can say about this 'game' as the games sole purpose is for gamers to get themselves one of the easiest completions on PlayStation with 5 trophies all revolving around time played with the longest being 315 seconds That's 5minutes and 15 seconds!

    As for the 'game' itself there is very little to do and if you're like me you wont have even bothered to try and do anything in the game but that said it turns out you can move the camera an resize your animal. Yes that's it!, amazing isn't it?

    Now if this game was cheap that could be forgiven but they want £3.19 for this thing laugh

    I do not recommend this game to anyone at its RRP price but if its on sale for a pound and you're desperate for a quick completion then go for it, otherwise avoid it.

    Here's a video incase you don't believe me http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=I...