ATV Drift & Tricks

PlayStation 4

ATV Drift & Tricks Trophies

Most Earned

Quad erat demonstrandum...
Quad erat demonstrandum...15TrophyTypeWin a race
Mid-air choreography
Mid-air choreography47TrophyTypeReach a x10 style combo
This one's for you, Paul!
This one's for you, Paul!47TrophyTypeDo a wheelie on the Great Wall of China
Yamakasi47TrophyTypeDo a Flip + Trick combo

Least Earned

The ambassador's reception
The ambassador's reception15TrophyTypePlay a ten-player game
Spartacus15TrophyTypeYou knocked down 100 riders with swerves
Single is simple, double is trouble
Single is simple, double is trouble15TrophyTypeDo a double flip
Rogue SQuadron
Rogue SQuadron30TrophyTypeMove from last to first in the final lap of a race with at least 5 opponents in 'God' difficulty
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