AERO-CROSS [Unreleased]

PlayStation 3

AERO-CROSS [Unreleased] Trophies

Most Earned

Acrophobia!15TrophyTypeComplete the course without jumping once.
Complete Beginner's Course
Complete Beginner's Course15TrophyTypeComplete STAGES 1 and 2.
Hop! Step!
Hop! Step!15TrophyTypePerform at least five jump tricks before completing the course.
What's the rush?
What's the rush?15TrophyTypePerform at least 10 Ram Air Dashes before completing the course.

Least Earned

Superior Runner
Superior Runner30TrophyTypeReceive at least a silver medal on all courses.
Polished Running
Polished Running15TrophyTypePerform at least five ground tricks before completing the course.
Model Runner
Model Runner30TrophyTypeReceive at least a bronze medal on all courses.
Legendary Runner
Legendary Runner90TrophyTypeReceive a gold medal on all courses.
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