AER - Memories of Old (EU)

PlayStation 4

AER - Memories of Old (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Light at the end of the tunnel
Light at the end of the tunnel30TrophyTypeEscape the collapsing cave.
Mama?31TrophyTypeGet some Lambaby love.
Antlers of Stone
Antlers of Stone32TrophyTypeFind the statue of the deer.
An uninvited guest
An uninvited guest32TrophyTypeFind the Crab Island.

Least Earned

Pilgrim195TrophyTypeExplore the Land of Gods.
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek32TrophyTypeFind Erin when she's gone.
Attuned to the spirits
Attuned to the spirits97TrophyTypeSpeak to all of the spirit animals.
Written in stone
Written in stone32TrophyTypeFind the chiseled stone map.
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