A Rose in the Twilight (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

A Rose in the Twilight (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Thorn Road
Thorn Road15TrophyTypeDie 10 times.
Unheard Song
Unheard Song17TrophyTypeClear Dungeon.
Tossed Bud
Tossed Bud17TrophyTypeGiant kills Rose by throwing her.
Seed Renewal
Seed Renewal36TrophyTypeDie 30 times.

Least Earned

Speed-of-Sound Star
Speed-of-Sound Star27TrophyTypeClear Time Attack within 2:40:00.
Speed-of-Light Star
Speed-of-Light Star53TrophyTypeComplete Time Attack within 1:50:00.
Speed-of-God Star
Speed-of-God Star160TrophyTypeComplete Time Attack within 1:20:00.
Speed Star
Speed Star27TrophyTypeClear Time Attack for Path to Abyss 2 within 2:10.
All A Rose in the Twilight (Vita) Trophies