A Plague Tale: Innocence Reviews

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    15 May 2019
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    Ever wondered what would a game would be like if the central villains were Dishonored's Plague rats? Well, that's A Plague Tale's legacy.

    The story places you in the shoes of young French Noble Amicia, the daughter of a Lord, who has a difficult life in the way that both parents are pretty much absent from her life, her father a decorated war hero and her mother spending all her time looking after younger brother, Hugo, who is sick at the start of the game with an infliction that Medieval science would put down to being a Demonic presence in the families blood.

    The illness is exerbated by the plague in the air and makes him very tense and on edge most of the time, especially if Amicia gets too far away from him. Thrust in to a life on the run, the children look for safety in various places. Not only finding that the rats want them dead, but paranoia has taken over the populace and turned it on one another.

    It has very limited combat, you have a sling that you can use to kill guards with a single headshot. After a few chapters, you can use alchemy to set fire to certain triggers to scare rats away, some knock out guards if you're stealthy enough to get behind them and it only gets better from there. It's heavily steeped in stealth, so if you don't enjoy stealth games, this might not be for you. That being said, it is fairly easy, it doesn't feel like you need to be an stealth game afficianado to sink your teeth in to it. After all, it is mainly built to tell a story.

    Crafting is in there too. Collecting the ingrediants from the environment to use on alchemy potions (by holding R1 and then X whilst highlighting the thing you want to craft) and upgrading equipment and your sling, however, you need to find a Last of us-style workstation to do the latter.

    It doesn't really bring too much new to the stealth based genre, it is mainly about story and the bond between family. It's also probably one of the best games I've played from Focus Home, the publisher behind the ill-fated Game of Thrones game. It's a good game, basic combat really does lend to the feel of the story, a struggle to survive, but it can be anticlimatic at times as one mistake will end in an instadeath.