A Healer Only Lives Twice

PlayStation 4

A Healer Only Lives Twice Trophies

Most Earned

Once15TrophyTypeGame over
Ordeal15TrophyTypeEnter Tier 3 (MAIN Mode or EX MAIN Mode)
Unexpected Effect
Unexpected Effect27TrophyTypeCure Petrification or Poinson by using items or skills
Faithful Golem
Faithful Golem30TrophyTypeDefeat Golem

Least Earned

Their Journey Continues
Their Journey Continues90TrophyTypeComplete EX MAIN Mode
Behind You
Behind You30TrophyTypeComplete TRIAL Mode
Beyond the Nightmare
Beyond the Nightmare134TrophyTypeComplete MAIN Mode or EX MAIN Mode
Sleeping Monk
Sleeping Monk95TrophyTypeUnlock all upgrades
All A Healer Only Lives Twice Trophies