99Vidas (EU)

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99Vidas (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

5-second  rule
5-second rule15TrophyTypeNo germs are fast enough to keep you from grabbing a bite from the floor
The name is a lie...
The name is a lie...15TrophyTypeFind out there's no such thing as 99lives
8-bit15TrophyTypeBeat the First Boss
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day16TrophyTypeBeat Miss Grace

Least Earned

You've got a Friend
You've got a Friend131TrophyTypeFinish the game with 2-4 players in co-op, either local or online
You, the Master of Unlocking...
You, the Master of Unlocking...785TrophyTypeProve you're worthy of the 99vidas by earning all the Trophies
TR8R!65TrophyTypeFinish the game with Sadiv66
The Warriors
The Warriors65TrophyTypeFinish the game with Hannah, Trish, DeeDee and Rey
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