7'scarlet (Vita)

7'scarlet (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

7'scarlet (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

The Melancholy of Hino Kagutsuchi
The Melancholy of Hino Kagutsuchi15TrophyTypeStarted Hino Kagutsuchi's route.
Isora Amari's Dedication
Isora Amari's Dedication15TrophyTypeStarted Isora Amari's route.
Toa Kushinada's Heartbreak
Toa Kushinada's Heartbreak16TrophyTypeStarted Toa Kushinada's route.
Rare Character Collector
Rare Character Collector94TrophyTypeGot all of Hino Kagutsuchi's CGs.

Least Earned

Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club
Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club96TrophyTypeRead all the tips.
Treasure Chest of Memories
Treasure Chest of Memories96TrophyTypeGot all of Hanate Yatsukami's CGs.
Toa Kushinada's Truth
Toa Kushinada's Truth16TrophyTypeStarted Toa Kushinada's true route.
Smiles All Around
Smiles All Around32TrophyTypeGot every happy ending.
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