50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

PlayStation 3

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Trophies

Most Earned

Up Close
Up Close15TrophyTypePerform a counter kill
Got It Done
Got It Done15TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete one scenario
I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
I'm Supposed To Die Tonight15TrophyTypeComplete Mission 1 on any difficulty
Fly Poster
Fly Poster15TrophyTypeCollect all 5 posters on any level. This can also be achieved by assisting another player in Coop

Least Earned

O.G.113TrophyTypeObtain all Gold Badges
Regular37TrophyTypeObtain all Silver Badges
Hardcore37TrophyTypeObtain 15 or more Gold Badges
Death From Above
Death From Above18TrophyTypeDestroy 50 vehicles and destroyable objects on the flying level without dying
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