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5 Star Wrestling
Type Game
Publisher Serious Parody Ltd
Platform PS3
Discovered 17 Mar 2015
Last check 11 Jul 2020
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Release date 17 Mar 2015

5 Star Wrestling is a game built on true Ring Psychology with Heel and Face mechanics, a revolutionary Limb Damage System and Rivalries that impact gameplay. Featuring a 40 Hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges, over 400 objectives, and more moves-per-wrestler than any other game including never before seen Finisher-To-Finisher reversals, 5 Star Wrestling is brimming with content. Introducing: Raganbrok 'The Conqueror', 'Raging' Andy Organ, HarVee Dee and Jonny 'The Bull' Miavia. 5 Star Wrestling is all about the characters, each coming with their own original theme music, massive move set and spectacular finishing maneuvers which look and feel different depending on the characters physical condition when executing the move. 5 Star Wrestling also features fully customizable, goal-oriented AI, with each character having 5 different personalities to choose from that will significantly change the way matches play out. If you're a wrestling fan, this game was made for you! 1-2 players 126KB minimum save size HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p DUALSHOCK®3 Software subject to license ( Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement ( One time license fee entitles play on up to 2 PlayStation® 3 systems activated by this account. THE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME ARE ENTIRELY FICTIONAL AND IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH ANY REAL LIFE WRESTLER OR WRESTLING PROMOTION. THE GAME IS INTENDED AS A PARODY OF THE WRESTLING INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE AND EACH CHARACTER IS A PIECE OF ORIGINAL FICTION. Copyright 2015 Daniel Hinkles

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