5 Star Wrestling

PlayStation 3

5 Star Wrestling Trophies

Most Earned

5 Star Has Landed!
5 Star Has Landed!15TrophyTypeSuccessfully perform any Finisher
Swerved15TrophyTypePerform a Reversal
Double the Risk
Double the Risk16TrophyTypePerform back-to-back Quick Finishing moves
Rising Star
Rising Star16TrophyTypeWin an Exhibition Match

Least Earned

The Conqueror
The Conqueror63TrophyTypeComplete every Challenge in the Ragnabrök Tier
The Comeback Kid
The Comeback Kid63TrophyTypeComplete ALL Comeback Objectives in Challenge Mode
Terminator63TrophyTypeComplete every Challenge in the HarVee Dee Tier
Stars are Better than Medals!
Stars are Better than Medals!63TrophyTypeComplete every Challenge in the Curtis Angel Tier
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