3D Mini Golf Remastered Trophies

Full list of all 21 3D Mini Golf Remastered trophies - 21 bronze.

  • Slipped

    They really could take better care of their place, it's extremely slippery.

  • Together Against Each Other

    Hopefully you were the winner!

  • Hit And Sunk

    Who needs cannoneers if one has you as captain? You hit everything!

  • Rowdy

    And it made ZOOM!

  • Frequent Flyer Miles

    And still there's so much more to see!

  • Lifeguard

    All kids used a boat, except for Xander, he went under.

  • Time Is Money

    ... and makes the world go round!

  • Pearl Diver

    Do you try to get some extra money here?

  • Prom King

    You're the uncontroversial winner of the tourney. Of ALL tourneys!

  • Referee

    STOP! You really aimed at this, right?

  • Sir Rolf

    He's like the black knight ... Sir Rolf Golf is the greatest!