3D Mini Golf

PlayStation 4

3D Mini Golf Trophies

Most Earned

Hole-in-one!15TrophyTypeNinjastyle! A ninja never misses his target.
Winner19TrophyTypeSomeone got on top of the podium.
Alone In The Park
Alone In The Park23TrophyTypeIf not here, where else?
Time Is Money
Time Is Money24TrophyType… and makes the world go round!

Least Earned

Gold Treasure
Gold Treasure15TrophyTypeWell, that's what I call a nice bunch of gold.
Frequent Flyer Miles
Frequent Flyer Miles15TrophyTypeAnd still there's so much more to see!
Slipped70TrophyTypeThey really could take better care of their place, it's extremely slippery.
Sir Rolf
Sir Rolf70TrophyTypeHe's like the black knight … Sir Rolf Golf is the greatest!
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