3D Billiards

PlayStation 4

3D Billiards Trophies

Most Earned

Perfect Start
Perfect Start15TrophyTypePot a ball on your first shot
The Beginning
The Beginning15TrophyTypeWin your first game
Two In One
Two In One16TrophyTypePot two balls with one shot
100 Potter
100 Potter20TrophyTypeSink 100 balls

Least Earned

Master of All Classes
Master of All Classes238TrophyTypeDefeat all opponents across all disciplines
1,000 Potter
1,000 Potter79TrophyTypeSink 1,000 balls
Snooker Master
Snooker Master28TrophyTypeDefeat all Snooker opponents
10-Ball Master
10-Ball Master28TrophyTypeDefeat all 10-Ball opponents
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