1001 Spikes (EU)

1001 Spikes (EU)

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1001 Spikes (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Golden Boy
Golden Boy30TrophyTypeComplete the Golden Temple
Headhunter37TrophyTypeCollect all golden skulls
Serpentine21TrophyTypeFind the Key of Serpentis
Speed Runner
Speed Runner42TrophyTypeComplete every stage of the main game as Aban Hawkins with a cumulative time of less than 30 minutes

Least Earned

Stone Cold
Stone Cold156TrophyTypeComplete Antarctica
Lost and Found
Lost and Found26TrophyTypeComplete the Lost Levels
Collector156TrophyTypeUnlock every character and costume
Towerful21TrophyTypeComplete the Tower of Nannar
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EU Playstation Store Update: October 7th, 2015

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 3 comments

NA Playstation Store Update - June 03, 2014

Don't forget this week's Flash Sale, which features over 15 RPGs & Add-ons through Friday afternoon. http://www.truetrophies.com/customimages/004614.jpg PS4 Pre-Order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (

Posted 4 years ago by Shadow Enz, 0 comments

1001 Spikes Release Trailer

Nicalis, Inc's enhanced remake of the brutally-difficult Xbox Indie gem Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes, 1001 Spikes, can be found on the PS4 and PS Vita from today. To celebrate the release of the ga

Posted 4 years ago by Ellis Spice, 3 comments

1001 Spikes Release Date Revealed

The absolutely grueling 1001 Spikes has received a release date on the heels of last week's trailer and it will be coming very soon indeed. Developer Nicalis was also kind enough to drop the final fe

Posted 4 years ago by Brandon Fusco, 2 comments

1001 Spikes Gets A Trailer

Nicalis, Inc. has released a new trailer for their game, 1001 Spikes, an enhanced remake of the Xbox Live Indie Game, Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes, originally created by 8Bits Fanatics. The trailer

Posted 4 years ago by Andy Mills, 3 comments

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