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Leap Frog 2020

  • LathandratgLathandratg519,493
    Posted on 11 February 20 at 18:37Permalink
    BeardedScot86 said:
    BeardedScot86 said:
    Signor_Capybara said:
    Lathandratg said:
    I registered yesterday (when the contest already had started) and unlocked several trophys yesterday evening after registering. When I looked right now I still do not show up in the statistics of the contest (the game I played, Song of Memories, does not show up either) and the contest does not show up in my hub. Is this correct this way or did my registration fail?
    Same thing for me
    I have passed this along to a site dev to get looked at
    Both of you are now fixed.
    Thanks a lot! I now saw that a trophy from yesterday registered for the event.
  • Posted on 11 February 20 at 19:11Permalink
    Yep, thanks dude
  • Posted on 12 February 20 at 03:29, Edited on 12 February 20 at 13:52 by SpikeynesssPermalink
    The "view valid trophies" button is missing the part in the url, on the bottom of the main leapfrog page.

    Edit, seems to be fixed now.
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