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Bioshock: the Collection heads the PS Plus lineup for February

  • Posted on 29 January 20 at 18:44, Edited on 29 January 20 at 18:45 by superniceguy_2
    Already got Bioshock and The Sims 4, but Firewall makes it a better month, worth subbing for. Hopefullly this is start of a new trend - bringing back more games.

    Giving out AAA titles constantly means you are more likely to have them. They should dish out some other obscure games too, like Truberbrook, or Maize, or Earths Dawn etc. One heavy hitter like Bioshock plus one like these.

    I will sub one month in Feb and maybe March too to finish off Driveclub.

    If you sub on Feb 4th before 10am GMT then you should be able to grab 3 months of games with one month sub. First thing in the morning the Jan games should still be available, then in afternoon the Feb games will be available, then 3rd March get March games.
  • strifekunstrifekun238,682
    Posted on 29 January 20 at 20:29
    Oh wow, both the Sims and the Bioshock Collection were games I was wanting. Very nice!!
  • GampxSGampxS360,965
    Posted on 29 January 20 at 22:27
    Thats a really good month. This should have been december lineup though. Anyway since I cannot play a game normally without focusing on trophies Ill put all of them in my backlog lol.
  • TiawynTiawyn278,935
    Posted on 29 January 20 at 22:55
    I had thought about getting Sims in the past but never did buy it. so now I can try it for free smile
  • Posted on 30 January 20 at 02:59
    Not too exciting for me, but I will take BIOSHOCK collection for free.
  • Posted on 30 January 20 at 08:49
    Wow what a great month. Bioshock is the number 1 series that I haven't played but really should, so now I have no excuse not too. I was never gonna but the Sims but would like to play it for a few days or so. The main thing about this month is the inclusion of the VR title. Would love to see an addition of a free VR title every month
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 January 20 at 20:14
    Interesting month. I have the Bioshock games on PS3, but they aren't completed. Should be theoretically easier via the PS4 set since there is no multiplayer. I've only ever played around an hour of a Sims game before, maybe I'll look into that one. And while a long VR game sounds cool, I'm not a big shooter fan.

    Good month.
  • CrawedadCrawedad279,059
    Posted on 31 January 20 at 03:59
    Picked up Bioshock in Dec when it was on sale, but it's a great collection! Finished 1 & 2, will be doing 3 soon as I'm done Fallen Order.
  • Posted on 31 January 20 at 06:47
    Nice! Glad that I didn't buy the Bioshock collection yet.
  • Posted on 01 February 20 at 09:39
    I never did play any of the Bioshock games so I'll definitely try the first one now and see if it's something I'd enjoy.

    I'll pass on The Sims 4 though - never been into that franchise and I doubt I'll change my mind any time soon.

    Not an amazing month for me but it could have been a lot worse!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • GeorgeGiannoGeorgeGianno796,702
    Posted on 01 February 20 at 17:26
    Never liked Sims, I dont like to play games of this type.
    About Bioshock , is a game(series)that from the very first time wasn't for me. Characters creation are different from my taste, graphics look strange and in general never got into, so...

    Will not play any of these, will only download them in library.

    To be honest, the games that I want to buy, have them already, not waiting from the ps plus to offer them for free. For example at 2019 played only 2 ! (Darksiders 3 and Friday the 13th: the game).
    "The Fear Of Blood Tends To Create Fear For The Flesh"
    Posted on 04 February 20 at 01:49
    Just a few more hours away. Definitey looking forward to this full package of fun!
    "A person's life is not defined by age, but by the choices they make." - Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)
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