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How do I play EU game with non-EU account?

  • Posted on 20 January 20 at 08:05Permalink
    Hi I've enjoyed Steam achievements for years and recently I bought a PS4 pro and started playing games on the PS.
    My main account is KR but I'm currently living in the US. I've just downloaded Minefield NA with US account and played it. After I finished the game, I downloaded the EU version with a EU account and tried to play it but I couldn't play the game on KR account.
    I tested on EU account and it worked well, so it seems IP wasn't the problem since I'm living in the US right now.
    I've searched some players who played both NA and EU version. How did they play both version?
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed196,712
    Posted on 21 January 20 at 08:03Permalink
    They have an EU account set up on their console.
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  • TiawynTiawyn153,628
    Posted on 21 January 20 at 16:26, Edited on 21 January 20 at 16:28 by TiawynPermalink
    I tried this and was able to play the EU version on my US account. so I do not know what the problem is.
    I do not have a KR account to try it on.
  • Posted on 30 January 20 at 20:31Permalink
    Find yourself a good video guide (try this one: By and large, this is a fool proof process if done correctly and should work for most regions.
  • pelotapelota532
    Posted on 18 February 20 at 17:45, Edited on 30 March 20 at 17:10 by pelotaPermalink
    This process worked for me but only after several tries.
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  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed196,712
    Posted on 19 February 20 at 17:17Permalink
    Do you have to buy the US version as well as the EU version or does buying the EU version let you play US?
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