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Position on CFW usage without cheating?

  • KyoAkusaKyoAkusa101,001
    Posted on 10 January 20 at 11:12Permalink
    Recently, I was thinking about maybe CFWing my PS Vita. This is not to use cheat tools, I was only thinking about using an English language patch for one of my games and being able to play with DLCs on some of my JP games. I have no intention of using any kinds of cheats to get trophies early, auto-pop them or modify their timestamps.

    I'd try this out on my US account first to see if there's any problems with Trophies on the older firmware in General (like missing timestamps), but I'd also like to confirm whether this would get me banned/flagged from TrueTrophies as long as I remain in the above outlines of not cheating.

    Or would this just fully fall under "Using any software or patches not released by the game developer and certified by Sony" regardless and make me eligible for flagging?
    - Adowrath
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