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Series tt multiplier

  • Posted on 06 January 20 at 16:11Permalink
    Just a fleeting thought that I wanted to throw out, do you think series should have thier own multiplier? There would be several ways to go about it, a multiplier based off the ratio or such, a completion bonus, either flat or scaling or both, or even a reward system based off either completion of each title and/or overall completion.

    Due to the amount of possible options mixing and matching these ideas, I won't list several possible examples, as I'm quite bad at math and also I'm writing from my phone.

    The obvious downside to these ideas, especially scaling / multipliers, is that things could get out of hand rather quick, but I will assume such things would be accounted for if this idea ever takes off.

    Personally these don't affect me as I'm yet to finish a series or am I close, however I've noticed there isn't really any incentive on series hunting, which could be both rewarding and challenging depending on if the series has an annoying plat or is a game that generally doesn't play well etc.

    Anyway, just some food for thought. Would gladly like to hear others' opinions on this.

    Ps. If it already does have some form of reward system that I overlooked, do tell, I will have to look into it. Also if enough people consider this a worthy idea I, or someone else, could forward it to the site wishlist section.

    Thanks in advance and happy hunting.
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