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Push2Plat Episode 40 : Indie Round Up

  • Posted on 08 December 19 at 00:29Permalink
    Push2Plat Ep40 : Indie Round Up

    Have you missed out on any Indie Games this year ?

    Push2Plat presents our Indie game round up for the second half of the year with wonderful guest, guide writer, reviewer and indie enthusiast Velvet (8BitsofVelvet).

    Coverage of 36 Plus games including : Agent A, AI the Somnium Files, BSDM Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, Concrete Genie, Dead or School, Eastshade, Afterparty, Spirit of the North, Narcos Rise of the Cartels, Lost Ember, Gris, One Night Stand, Pantsu Hunter, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Arise, Simulacra, Story of A Gladiator, Another Sight, Ellen, True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 2, Return of the Obra Dinn, Bleep Bloop, Astroneer, Deemo Reborn, Woven, Niffelheim, Kine, The Sojourn, Stranded Sails, Newt One, The Bradwell Conspiracy, The Perplexing Orb.

    Pull up a chair and come join the conversation on :
    twitter @push2plat
    discord (in show notes)
    or via our Push2Plat Playstation Community
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