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Sorting trophies by Flag Type not working?

  • HakuMH4UHakuMH4U225,443
    Posted on 03 December 19 at 14:03Permalink
    I've tried to search my trophies that I have not won yet by Time Consuming flag type and it spits out the same list as when I had no flag selected. It seems as if this is true for all of the flag types. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Posted on 03 December 19 at 14:20, Edited on 04 December 19 at 17:27 by FullNietzschePermalink
    Same here.

    <--- While I'm at it, I just noticed my community challenge badge on the forum is just a blank square as well. It appears properly on my profile page though. edit - working now.
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