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PlayStation Certified as Best-Selling Console Brand Ever

  • PSfanSPPSfanSP119,724
    Posted on 03 December 19 at 16:59Permalink
    They deserve it. Congratulations.
  • Linkx41Linkx4146,592
    Posted on 03 December 19 at 18:30Permalink
    They have the best selling Home Consoles of all time. Your headline is very misleading, as Sony are in second place for total console sales after Nintendo and their 750 million platforms shipped.
    The King of Hyrule
  • Posted on 03 December 19 at 23:07Permalink
    Here is ANN Japanese news YouTube channel about this PlayStation News compute very amazing since i was born i have played PlayStation since PS1 cn_guide
    Panache! - Reincarnation!
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed140,166
    Posted on 04 December 19 at 02:11Permalink
    I think Nintendo could quite easily take the title back from Sony if they could be arsed to put out a console that appeals to both serious and family orientated gamers (or both I guess if you're in both categories).

    I want a new Sony handheld instead of PS5 though.
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