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Show 'Newest Blog Post' Section under Community - Blogs

  • Posted on 18 November 19 at 21:27Permalink
    Hello all,

    As some of the rare people that continually provide regular... ok, somewhat regular content, I'm requesting that a link to the newest blog posts made by users be placed in the Community -> Blogs section of the site on the top.

    Currently, the only thing under that section is the Blog Leaderboard - a page that shows blogs listed by followers. I'd like to see a new page that sorts recent blog posts by date, allowing those of us that do use the site and blog on occasion to have their content be seen at the top.

    I know that there's a way to see the most recent blog posts on the right side of the page, but this would provide a 'front and center' type of avenue for newer blog posts to be seen.

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