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TT to TA solution sharing

  • Posted on 18 November 19 at 12:49Permalink
    Thanks. This has been reported to the devs to follow up.
  • Posted on 18 November 19 at 15:20Permalink
    Good stuff. For a minute I thought it might be due to not owning the game on Xbox.
  • Posted on 19 November 19 at 17:04Permalink
    I've just had a quick peek at the code for this and you assumption was correct - we only allow you to cross post solutions between sites if you also have the game on the site you're cross posting to.
  • Posted on 20 November 19 at 10:43, Edited on 20 November 19 at 10:45 by AllardsLovechildPermalink
    Seems a bit silly and makes the feature a little bit moot.
    I'm not in the habit of buying the same game on both systems. Surely a check to show you own it on the one system would do the trick?
  • benh57benh57146,578
    Posted on 20 November 19 at 23:24Permalink
    +1 makes no sense to require owning the title on both platforms.
  • PipsqweekPipsqweek390,191
    Posted on 22 November 19 at 13:36Permalink
    I kinda see the point as it could be bugged on one system but not the other (has happened before).

    So if you've posted a solution on TT (for the PS4 version) and it auto posts to TA (for the XB1 version) and it doesn't work as per your solution, I can see complaints that your solution doesn't work.

    However, having it cross auto-posting with a system generated addition to state which platform it was unlocked on would go some way to highlighting that fact to the reader.
  • Posted on 24 November 19 at 12:23Permalink
    Seems a little overcomplicated. No need to autopost, it needs to remain a manual process.
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