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  • Posted on 13 August 13 at 02:37Permalink
    Say hello to the other members of "" in this thread
  • Velo214Velo214809,378
    Posted on 10 November 13 at 23:08Permalink has been my goto site for boosting and trophy guides over the past years. It has a bit of a Euro slant (der) but it has been my #1 site. I have met lots of great boosters and friends over there and glad we have a leaderboard on Peace all!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 January 14 at 04:07Permalink
    Similar to TA having previously been at x360a, I used PS3T before TT was created. Good to see people cross-community between sites. There's no reason why communities can't inter-mingle toast
    You must exceed your limitations if you wish to succeed.
  • BlackballhogBlackballhog559,509
    Posted on 02 April 14 at 14:32Permalink
    Have always used PS3T for trophy guides and could always use some more friends to get trophies with!
  • donald047donald0471,392,379
    Posted on 21 August 15 at 22:38, Edited on 21 August 15 at 22:38 by donald047Permalink
    Howdy all. Been using PS3T for nearly 6 years now, saw the leaderboard on here and had to join.
  • Posted on 27 February 16 at 14:06, Edited on 10 April 16 at 17:12 by sum1_worsethan_uPermalink
    I've been a member of since December of 2009. I discovered this site back in summer of 2014. I really like how you can calculate your completion percent without using DLC here. I also like setting up goals plus all the assortment of stats I can look up here.

    Now I'm a fairly active member over forums and I scanned this leaderboard but I only recognize about 10 names. Either folks are using different usernames over there or aren't actually members...there are lots of lurkers checking out the guides. Just thought that I would at least know >10% of the folks that are on this

    Good Luck in all your gaming...
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