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Information Posted on 12 October 19 at 08:54
ukinspro has just submitted some Trophy Flag Info for Xenon Racer Trophies:

ukinspro said:
Xenon RacerXenon Gives You WingsThe Xenon Gives You Wings trophy in Xenon Racer worth 222 pointsWin the final challenge against the future!

Should unlock when winning last race, but hasn't for me. Developer has confirmed they are aware but have offered no solution or patch at this time

Posted on 22 October 19 at 00:22
Thanks for the submission, ukinspro. We've decided to mark this as Buggy-. It looks like there are still unlocks, though all over the place, unfortunately.

Thank you! toast
Information Posted on 24 October 19 at 17:00
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