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On homepage, display what are the current sessions for games you own

  • TheYuriGTheYuriG1,381,706
    Posted on 06 October 19 at 14:13Permalink
    My page at the moment has information about news and the contest which I'm following. Add another box of those for the games I own that currently have sessions going for. You can subdivide that box with games that I have all trophies listed in the session (finished) and games which I don't (unfinished).

    Advertise your features if you want them to be used.
  • PipsqweekPipsqweek466,479
    Posted on 25 October 19 at 11:43Permalink
    Customize Homepage

    Scroll down to "Upcoming Game Sessions", make sure the drop-down is not marked as 'Hidden'.

    Is this what you mean?
  • TheYuriGTheYuriG1,381,706
    Posted on 25 October 19 at 12:07Permalink
    Yes, it's red. I never saw a single session, so just assumed it wasn't a thing. Feel free to close this suggestion.
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