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    Posted on 22 September 19 at 23:29, Edited on 05 January 22 at 23:26 by IronInvoker47
    Please use this thread to discuss the Watch_Dogs walkthrough
  • Posted on 08 October 19 at 07:44
    Hey gang, working on W_D. I've been fortunate enough to find some neat info from the speedrunning community that allows for making your own fast travel points, so that will be placed throughout the walkthrough when good points become convenient.
  • Posted on 25 November 19 at 04:23
    In-game percentage is 33% now. I've only gone through Act 1 of 5 and I definitely don't feel 1/3 done with the walkthrough, but I'm making some kind of progress.
  • Posted on 28 November 19 at 08:51
    In-game completion for me is now 50%. I still have only finished Act 1, but at least that means the majority of what's left is going to be easy.

    I won't be around my stuff for Thanksgiving weekend, so no more progress can be made until after next Monday.
  • Posted on 15 December 19 at 09:43
    Act 2 is done, and so are almost all of the investigations. I'm going to be going home (away from my console) on December 20, so I'm making a goal to finish this walkthrough before then. If I could do all of Act 2 and more today, I should be able to pull it off.
  • Posted on 17 December 19 at 20:19
    Base game totally complete. All I should have to do now is the DLC, which hopefully won't take more than a dedicated day.
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    Posted on 06 January 20 at 05:18
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Watch_Dogs Walkthrough
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