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Push2Plat : A Playstation Trophy Centric Podcast

  • Posted on 12 August 19 at 10:25, Edited on 12 August 19 at 12:09 by AffectatiousDonkPermalink
    Hi Everyone,

    We have just hit our 24th Episode ( 6 months ) and going strong and both myself and themindisacity wanted to reach out to the TrueTrophies community. If you are looking for something new to listen too, something to knock back while gaming, like a laugh or simply are a little intrigued into the goings on in the Trophy and Gaming world then feel free to give us a listen. We often seek out guests from all areas of gaming to share their stories, insights and general life experience. So far we have spoken with Guide Writers, Video Content Creators, Reviewers, Podcasters and general awesome human beings. Previous guests have included PvtVoid, Maka91, Cornshaq, Velvet and Dat One Seagull to name a few.

    If you wish to reach out to us with a question, comment, topic suggestion or even possible interest in a guest spot you can contact us on Twitter @push2plat or at [email protected]

    We have a newly formed Playstation 4 community - Push2Plat Platinum Community where we also source questions, thoughts, ideas and of course Plat Pics.

    Push2Plat is available on all good podcast providers. We look forward to welcoming you into our community, a podcast for Trophy Hunters by Trophy Hunters speaking to all Gamers.

    Happy Gaming,

    Mindi & Cj

    Push2Plat Weekly Trophy Podcast

    Itunes : Push2Plat
    Spotify : Push2Plat
    Sticher Radio : Push2Plat
    Soundcloud :
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    Twitter : @push2plat
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