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Question about the digital Deluxe Edition

  • Posted on 09 August 19 at 16:44
    I just replaced my disc copy of Spider-Man with the digital Deluxe Edition and I’m trying to figure out if I have access to everything I paid for. The description says it includes the 3 story dlcs plus additional missions, characters and suits. I downloaded the three story expansions but I can’t tell if I have all the other additional stuff. Do I need to download them? Or is there some way to tell which ones are new? The suit section doesn’t have an indication of anything new but that might be because the new ones are locked? Thanks for any help you can offer me.
  • NajinceilNajinceil546,790
    Posted on 09 August 19 at 17:59
    I think the missions and characters are included in the expansions, as there are no new addition of mission or characters besides the DLC-story.

    As for suits, they should appear once you beat the game, if i remember correctly, as a few are locked until you finish the mission of the base game.
  • Posted on 09 August 19 at 18:29
    Thanks for the info. That’s what I figured but it’s hard to tell.
  • Posted on 11 August 19 at 12:39
    I was curious as well since the digital description is ambiguously worded, so I cross-checked three sources (the digital store, gearnuke preorder article, and gottabemobile prerorder article). There were some costumes available as preorder bonuses, but the digital deluxe edition itself doesn't contain anything more than the base game and the story DLC pack, which would be where you would find the "new missions, characters and suits."

    It's disappointing that you didn't get anything extra with a 'deluxe' edition, but on the plus side at least they're not fragmenting the package with micro DLC.
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  • Posted on 11 August 19 at 13:38
    Good to know. Now I just have to figure out the same with Horizon Zero Dawn and its expansion. I’m getting used to the PlayStation ecosystem but still having trouble with understanding how all the dlc works and what’s included with my downloads.
  • AnubisAshAnubisAsh28,096
    Posted on 26 August 19 at 20:07
    The disc version of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition has the base game, The Frozen Wilds expansion, Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow, Carja Trader Pack, Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow, Banuk Traveler Pack, Nora Keeper Pack, and a code for a digital artbook and a PS4 Theme.
  • Posted on 26 August 19 at 20:13
    Thanks for the info but I actually bought the digital Complete Edition. I was assuming that it had the expansion automatically download with it (but separately). I’m guessing it’s just all included in the complete edition file though. I’m just used to Xbox games downloading most dlc separately, even if it’s part of a deluxe edition.
  • Posted on 26 August 19 at 20:13
    ^referring to HZD, not Spider-Man
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