Game Discussion: Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation

Uhhh... Trophies?

  • Posted on 23 July 19 at 22:53Permalink
    I just got this game and started it up. I'm not seeing trophies anywhere. Are there PS4 games without trophies?
  • Posted on 23 July 19 at 23:06Permalink
    Okay, I unlocked a trophy after watching the digest. But it's not showing up on my account or in my trophy list anywhere. I guess they are still hidden even though it is release day today.
  • NajinceilNajinceil517,989
    Posted on 24 July 19 at 19:03Permalink
    The trophies were not live at the time for any site to pick up, but they're live now so you should be good!
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