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Detroit: Become Human: Markus is the WORST thing about an otherwise fantastic ga

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    I mean, it's pretty solid as far as these games goes but the developers are trying TOO hard to make a political statement with his arc. Take of your berets and chill people.
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    It's a bit heavy-handed, but i disagree. I really liked Markus and thought that some of the most affecting moments in the game fell in his chapters. Particularly the scrap yard and the march.

    I expected i'd like Connor most, but as it went on i found myself wanting to play as Markus more. Although it did lull a little at Jericho just as things were really getting good for Kara.

    All in all a good game i thought, and all three had their moments.
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    I have to agree with nelson, It's very heavy handed but David Cage isn't great at subtlety.

    Marcus' I'm a real boy storyline being an allegory on apartheid was taking an incredibly sensitive subject and attempting (at least in my opinion) to educate new generations on accepting differences regardless of background.

    David Cage and his team are brilliant, I love that they would tackle such a subject, but he does need to learn how to do things with a little bit less "look at me, aren't I brave" stamped all over it
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    Playing Detroit atm due to Playstation Plus and so far, so good (pacifist playthrough done). Heavy Rain was more nostalgic, by the way.

    As for Markus, I liked his story actually. That
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    That being said, Connor's story was the best, in my humble opinion. His
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Fancy animations, I gotta admit ^0^

    All in all, great game. Glad I picked it up.
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