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Life Is Strange 2 Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 10 July 19 at 13:55Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Life Is Strange 2 walkthrough
  • StephcgeeStephcgee19,056
    Posted on 17 July 19 at 17:50Permalink
    Hi guys I'm doing the walkthrough for this one. Shouldn't take too long - two out of the three released episodes are already written up. Cheers :)
  • NajinceilNajinceil527,039
    Posted on 17 July 19 at 20:02Permalink
    Excited to see it! I plan to buy this game once it finishes and marathon it.
  • StephcgeeStephcgee19,056
    Posted on 19 July 19 at 17:37Permalink
    It's great! Second episode is slow but the third has really picked up so I'd recommend it :)
  • StephcgeeStephcgee19,056
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 19:05Permalink
    I have updated the WT to include all five episodes - enjoy :) wave
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