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Information Posted on 05 July 19 at 23:55
Please use this thread to discuss the LIMBO walkthrough
Posted on 06 July 19 at 00:00
Hey gang, I'm gonna be writing Limbo. It shouldn't take too long, as I've already written up about 75% of the initial playthrough.
Posted on 06 July 19 at 08:23, Edited on 06 July 19 at 08:24 by IronInfidel47
Story information has been written. I'm going to be checking out the 5-death run soon, after I record videos for finding the collectible eggs. Here's a link to show you how it's looking so far.

Information Posted on 03 August 19 at 12:15
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: LIMBO Walkthrough
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