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Sony Dismisses Indies, Considers PS5 To Be A "Niche" Product For Hardcore Gamers

Posted on 01 July 19 at 17:00
In all fairness, I could give a damn about the 'graphical quality' of the game. A game doesnt have to bave perfect graphics, and conrtrary to what the articale states, it isnt the largest factor in whether or not I buy a game. Sure if it looks good is a CONTRIBUTING factor, but Im not as much worried as to it looks good as much as if it PLAYS good. Whether or not it has a story that's going to pull me in and keep me.
Posted on 01 July 19 at 17:50
Pride before a fall.
Posted on 01 July 19 at 19:14
richUK said:
Bearing in mind that Sony are supposedly working with Microsoft on a could infrastructure and already have Playstation NOW.. I think the angle on this story is a little wrong..?

As ScottishNub mentioned above, I'd always take anything sourced via the WSJ with a very large pinch of salt..
Interesting that you post a GI article, as it was GI's retelling of the WSJ story that gave this a little more credibility. They're not prone to rebroadcasting rumours without some backing.

Sony are using Azure for cloud stuff, but we have no idea what the scope of that is. It could well just be saves and video streaming, it could be more.

I'd agree that some of this is probably a translation issue though, as I mention in the article. There are some contradictions. "Niche" seems to be the anomaly.
Posted on 01 July 19 at 21:16
LOL, it is like they learned nothing from the hubris they had when launching the PS3.
Posted on 02 July 19 at 00:38
I appreciate what Sony is doing here, focusing on the big sellers and filtering the indies. I reckon PlayStation will be the only console in the end and it’ll stream Xbox games available in the PlayStation store.
What’s the point of nice days when stupid people are allowed to enjoy them too?
Posted on 02 July 19 at 01:01
VigilantCrow said:
As for pushing AAA, it seems like nonsense to me. People are getting tired of the same boring cookie cutter games with a different skin. It's a consequence of multiplayer games being more profitable.
…have you seen the hundreds upon hundreds of indie games? If you have played around 20 of them you have played them all.
Posted on 02 July 19 at 03:47
More is probably being read into this than is necessary. What Sony is really saying is they aren't going to be aggressively pursuing and partnering with indie developers/publishers with the PS5 as the system is designed to be more niche. What this likely means in reality is that it will have a price tag, probably not $599 but I'm pretty convinced at this point it'll be $499 at launch. There may possibly be a lower priced SKU like there was the $499 20GB PS3 at launch in '06, but the full system hardcore gamers will want will be the full price one.

This isn't really scaring me off as a gamer as game consoles are somewhat of a niche product when they launch. Early adopters pay the highest price and in many cases get the worst version of a console. Hardware revisions come out down the life cycle of the console that often improve base performance. I'm not talking mid-gen refreshes like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, I'm talking just being able to put in better quality components.

As time marches on, consoles build up their libraries and the price slowly starts to go down causing more and more gamers to jump on board and the console becoming more mainstream. What Sony is hand signaling as the next console won't be bargain priced, and they don't believe that a strong indie presence is going to sway people to choose their box over Microsoft's. Honestly, considering MS is bringing everything to PC now, this is a good assumption to make. PC is already the primary indie platform and MS' new stance on supporting both PC and Xbox means that Sony is basically standing alone in the high end console market, putting out their own first party exclusive titles to make their box compelling. Nintendo has the lower end sewn up with Switch as a console and portable device and an ever-growing list of compelling Nintendo exclusives.
Posted on 02 July 19 at 03:56
VigilantCrow said:
ScottishNub said:
I don't believe this wsj writes fake news
They have a history of their pundits pushing fake news. The actual reporting tends to be relatively okay, minus the occasional piece of information being left out.

As for pushing AAA, it seems like nonsense to me. People are getting tired of the same boring cookie cutter games with a different skin. It's a consequence of multiplayer games being more profitable.
After what they did to pewdiepie it just exposed them completey
Posted on 02 July 19 at 04:05
I can sense the tides turning. Sony's arrogance towards censorship, dismissal of indie developers, calling their next system "niche", having no E3 presence, poor backwards compatibility and little investment in the Cloud and their refusal to work with Microsoft and Nintendo by allowing cross play.

All these things are a perfect concoction for Microsoft and Nintendo to dominate next gen. They've hurt their niche audience with the regulation body they've implemented to restrict content they find objectionable, as well as Microsoft killing it with their new subscription model "Game Pass Ultimate". Now they want to get rid of indies... They're not going to have many consumers left except for the hardcore Playstation audience. I'm already leaning towards going Microsoft next gen with my Nintendo Switch on the side.
Feel The Ether
Posted on 02 July 19 at 04:58
Najinceil said:
UlvenFenrir said:
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Panache! - Reincarnation!
Posted on 04 July 19 at 11:23, Edited on 05 July 19 at 15:19 by DuwenUK
If this statement is actually what it sounds like I'll be abandoning any ideas of owning PS5 - much like my reasoning for why I ditched Xbox after the 360.
They're already driving me away with their censorship practices. may be time for me to finally invest in a Switch.
Posted on 07 July 19 at 06:40
Anders_Fearer said:
Pride before a fall.

Sony have become big-headed...again. For those that have forgotten they dominated the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era. Then came PS3 - oh sure it was not a disaster by any means but they were arrogant even saying "next gen doesnt start until we release".

Come PS4 and they came to gamers with cap in hand and eating a little humble pie. Their messaging was on point, giving gamers what they wanted.

And here we are again - PS4 dominated and Sony have steadily been making decisions AGAINST gamers. They just cannot come out and say "We love all games and all gamers". Instead we get crap like non-sharable servers across platforms because "we dont believe our gamers want that."

I will agree with many sentiments that both Sony and Microsoft need to get better QA - sheesh some of the games do not deserve a release. But to openly dismiss Indies aint a good idea - a U-turn on their PS4 launch (of course lets assume the article is true).
Posted on 09 July 19 at 14:21
PS4 was my last 'Sony' console, ive had a PS day one (with the exception of the PSX) and ive just had enought of Sonys arrogant BS, theyre discontiued support for the amazing PSVITA my trust is exhausted, Im gutted I think I saw something, somewhere about Motostorm World tour which sounds fantastic but didnt look like anything special, lets see if a little faith can be restored with the Medieval remake and Death Stranding later on this year eh??
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