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Boosting Gaming Session for Burnout Paradise

Information Posted on 13 June 19 at 00:50
jblanch3 has created a new gaming session for the game Burnout Paradise.

jblanch3 said:
Really hoping to get this trophy before the servers close. Anyone else?
You can view the session details here:

Boosting Gaming Session for Burnout Paradise
Information Posted on 16 June 19 at 20:17
SteveCheraLouis has joined the session
Posted on 16 June 19 at 20:17
I can run 2 copies currently, trying to get a third one
Posted on 16 June 19 at 22:32
I would suggest you to try to join a bike session from time to time, there is a little chance it will get another 7 players and get the trophy. I got mine that way.
Posted on 18 June 19 at 00:43
Yeah, I've been trying to do that. There's hardly a bike session, and if there is, there aren't nearly enough to make that trophy happen. I actually happened to be in one the other day that alternated between 7 and 8 players, but it was never full long enough for the trophy to pop.
Information Posted yesterday at 19:51
SteveCheraLouis has left the session.

SteveCheraLouis said:
Already got the achievements
Posted yesterday at 19:52
If ya need some help holla at me ill be there
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