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Days of Play 2019: North America's PlayStation Store Sale Round-Up

  • KodingKoding221,668
    Posted on 08 June 19 at 23:06
    Some good looking prices up there. Sadly I won't be getting anything and will just hope some of them make it to PS+ or PS Now sometime soon.
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  • Posted on 09 June 19 at 05:18
    Picked up quite a few exclusives, I guess it pays off being late to the party sometimes.

    Are these deals for the duration of Days of Play 2019 or will they add other games later down the road?

    I would love to get my hands on Until Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport.
    J. Adam Gilman
  • Posted on 09 June 19 at 19:43
    Great sale for my wishlist. Not so much for my wallet laugh
  • Posted on 10 June 19 at 17:13
    picked up a few of the dlc sales. shame some of the other stuff i want is only offered as a bundle since i own some of the games already.
  • Posted on 11 June 19 at 01:59
    Bought 3 month extended my PS Plus :)
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