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PlayStation's Days of Play Sale: Big Games Discounted on the EU Store

  • boldfox85boldfox85450,230
    Posted on 07 June 19 at 14:38
    Will Spider-Man dlc ever go on sale
    GT: boldfoxrd
  • Posted on 07 June 19 at 14:43
    Spider-Man dlcs have been in sale ( uk )
  • SoragoofSoragoof35,437
    Posted on 07 June 19 at 14:56
    Waiting it out to see if they have a similar sale for the US, if not there's a couple on here I'll be picking up
  • KakkemannKakkemann266,695
    Posted on 08 June 19 at 00:44
    Has Metro Exodus been on sale on the ps4? I have seen in discounted twice on the Xbox.
  • EmiinahEmiinah168,221
    Posted on 08 June 19 at 02:04
    New Dawn needs a better sale. I’ll wait...
    Well, you see, she’s not exactly my daughter, per se...but she does like to call me her “daddy,” so...
  • Posted on 08 June 19 at 07:29
    I will be purchasing SPIDER-MAN at the great price of $20 this weekend
  • GampxSGampxS191,096
    Posted on 08 June 19 at 08:57
    Negative opinion and personal notes inbound:
    I was thinking about. New Dawn since I finished FC5 but when I saw the microtransactions..Ill rather watch playthrough on YT. Another thing is AC: Odyssey it looked cool but once again the fact that you have to do tons of errands before you can continue in story makes it dull for that price. I rsther play Horizon Zero Dawn ehich is similiar gameplay wise.
    Anyway Ill wait for the summer sale and get Days Gone, Resident 2 and RDR2 if it will be even lower. Right now I have few games in a backlog which I want to finish and have some time for VR games.
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